The new show, now called OTHY FM has a new website at http://www.othy.fm – check in with Othy and all things OINK! there for now!




Hey Pigheads, our new live radio program will air LIVE a week from tomorrow, on FRIDAY, MARCH 2, 2012 at 5pm CST. Tune in or subscribe on iTunes! Any graphic artists are welcome to make me a better poster!


HAM.radio™ or OTHY.fm™ Coming Soon!

Hey Pigheads, the long-awaited, (by me), podcast is coming very soon for real this time. I’d love to hear your thoughts on choosing a name for the show, both options listed above have their positives, HAM.radio builds on the already established branding. I think Othy FM has a ring to it and could be a fresh start. Please send your thoughts to othy@oinkshow.com.




Vote for Studio Be!

I would love for everyone to take a moment to help out our good friends at Studio Be, where OINK! enjoyed the majority of its fourth year of hammin’ it up. It’s an amazing space with even better people and they do really great work with the youths…

Take a few seconds and vote here.

Zapp Brannigan

Halloween 2011.

Updates 11.03.11

Hey few! Made some major/minor updates to the site today in preparation for the next iteration of OINK!, HAM.radio™, an (at least) weekly podcast. Many of the interviews that were scattered throughout the site are now all organized and linked in our INTERVIEWS section. Much more multimedia is on its way including many more OINK! video interviews from both local favorites and big names! Check back often for updates.

Open Mics – Othy Likes

Since the post-OINK! hiatus in late June, I had been taking a much-needed breather… As of late I’ve been trying to hit the mics again starting with the Globe a couple of weeks ago and Shambles this past Monday (I won a bottle of wine for best joke)! I took a cab to Cole’s tonight arriving at 6:30 to sign up and already there were 18 ppl. on the list! It’s going to be a long night. There was an impromptu pre-open mic open mic and that was a lot of fun. Might post that audio later.

What Happened to Red Bar?!



Photo Courtesy of CJ187