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What happened to OINK!? OINK!’s live comedy variety is on an extended hiatus so that I can keep eating. It was an amazing ride. is now the new home of™ an (at least) weekly podcast hopefully starting by 2011’s end. Stay tuned!

I’m a poor student, but I love to laugh and could really use a mid-week escape, any way you can hook me up? Consider it done. OINK! guests with a valid student ID get in for just $7. (NOTE: Anyone can save money and get in at the reduced rate in one of two ways. Follow us on twitter for the VIP (Very Important Pig) Passcode each week and save money at the door (appreciated) or save money and secure your seat by buying your tickets online in advance of the show here (recommended).

What is the alcohol policy at Studio Be? Studio Be is an all-ages venue. Persons 21 years old or older may bring their own booze.

OINK! has a twitter page, why isn’t that shown on the site?
@oinkshow‘s tweets are protected in order to provide fans with the inside scoop on upcoming shows as well as the VIP (Very Important Pig) passphrase that gets you discounted admission at the door!

Is OINK! a part of Studio Be or is it an independent production? OINK! is an independent production and rents from their great friends at Studio Be!

Who is that self-important prick that hosts the show? His name is Otholomieux Dionysus Schwering (Othy). He’s an idiot, former Hoosier, and vegetarian with pervasive father issues and inflated sense of self. He’s also outrageously funny!

Who is Sassy Banks?! So much more than an intern, Sassy Banks is Othy’s trusted assistant and is an intregal part of each week’s production. Check out her hilarious comedian interviews in The Banks’ Vault!

I’m a stand-up comedian and would love to be a part of OINK!, what’s it gonna take?! Keep hitting those open mics and working hard, our paths will surely cross.

I’m a member of an improv and/or sketch group, how can we get in on the fun and play in front of some great OINK! houses? You can download an application here. If at first you don’t hear back, don’t give up… we receive hundreds of applications a month, keep resubmitting to show your continued interest in being a part of Chicago’s Premiere Comedy Variety Show™

  1. Hi Othy,

    My name is Mary Jane and I’m from the G-burg and now living in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, after living in Southern California since the day I graduated from high School in 1974 with your Dad, Timothy Schwering.

    I work for, who does email and SMS marketing. You need to create a SMS DB and do coupons to get more people to you venue. YA think????

    I went to school with your Dad, Tim. I saw your blog with the Tree City court house and couldn’t believe it.

    I would love to speak with you. You’re Dad and I have been seeing each other since last summer while I was vacationing in the Burg, after more years than I care to mention,

    Your Dad came to Baja to visit me over Christmas, returned in February, and is due back after the soy beans are planted.

    I’ve known your Dad since I was 12 and he is a great guy! Life has thrown him a few curve balls, and he deeply regrets the circumstances that removed you from his life.

    He would probably shit if he knew I was writing to you, but I’m a little buzzed on some rum and coke and my 14 year old daughter initiated this search to find you.

    You’re Dad loves you. I probably shouldn’t be writing to you, but what the Hell.

    If you would like to speak to your Dad, please let me know.

    He has so much to say to you. If you’re not interested, I will understand and not mention to your Father about this letter.

    If you are interested and would like to speak with me in greater detail, my US phone number is 949-XXX-XXXX.

    I love what you’re doing with your life. Good for You!!!!


    MJ AKA Mary Jane Boone

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